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HAVERSTRAW -- A 1-hour documentary film (in post-production)
Co-produced by Stone Lantern Films and Turnstone Productions.
Directed by Sarah Mondale, Vera Aronow and Roger Grange.

HAVERSTRAW is the story of a multi-ethnic American community in the throes of change. The film begins in the 1990s when a developer chooses Haverstraw –a poor, mostly Hispanic village once known as the “brickmaking capital of the world” -- as the testing ground for an ambitious plan to transform the Hudson
Valley into a showcase for

sensible waterfront development. Taking advantage of its stunning location at the widest point of the Hudson River, Ginsburg Development Corporation aims to create a tourist mecca with a riverfront promenade, a port for cruise ships, a children’s museum, restaurants and condos all at the water’s edge.

Proponents claim that Haverstraw will be a model of humane development -- revitalization without gentrification. But how will the local community, with its rich history and lively culture, fare in the process? These are the fascinating issues which HAVERSTRAW explores.

Begun in 2003, HAVERSTRAW is 90% shot. We are urgently seeking funds to finish the film. For information on how you can help, please Contact Us.