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    MEGAMALL: An 80-minute Documentary about Money, Power and Politics in the Age of Sprawl (2010)__View a Video Clip
Produced by Stone Lantern Films and Turnstone Productions
Directed by Sarah Mondale, Vera Aronow and Roger Grange

The story kicks off when the biggest mall developer in the Northeast comes to the smallest county in New York to build its biggest mall yet on a toxic dump, one mile from the filmmakers' homes. That move
sparked a citizen uprising which lasted almost 20 years. It also inspired MEGAMALL, three filmmakers’ quest to
understand the

dramatic events unfolding right in their backyards. This feature-length documentary investigates the origins of one of the country’s biggest shopping malls, the Palisades Center, and its impact on the suburban community of Rockland County, New York. Featured throughout the film is provocative commentary from leading urban critics and writers, James Howard Kunstler (The Geography of Nowhere); Roberta Brandes Gratz (Malling the Northeast - New York Times Magazine); and real estate economist Donavan Rypkema. MEGAMALL is the story of ordinary Americans who confront the overwhelming forces that are changing the face of our nation – and our world.

Read what critics say about MEGAMALL, awards and funders who made MEGAMALL possible.

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