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MARCEL PROUST: A Writer’s Life___________View a video clip
A 1-hour documentary film narrated by Kate Nelligan
Produced by Stone Lantern Films and Wolfe-Carter Productions

MARCEL PROUST: A Writer’s Life recounts how one of the 20th century’s great novelists overcame years of failure to create one of the most ambitious literary works ever conceived. The film presents Proust’s 3,000 page masterpiece, Remembrance of Things Past, and brings to life the rich period of French history from 1870 to 1922, from the Belle Époque, to World War I. Interviews with writers Dame Iris Murdoch, Shelby Foote, and Roger Shattuck who won the National Book Award for his book on Proust, illuminate the author’s effort and the magnitude of his accomplishments.
Dramatizations of key scenes from Proust’s life and rare archival footage place his  struggle in the context of his time. Deftly blending the personal and the historical, MARCEL PROUST is an illuminating and accessible introduction to an artist who changed the face of literature.

MARCEL PROUST: A Writer’s Life was presented by South Carolina ETV for its national PBS broadcast. The film also aired in France on ARTE in 2008, Germany, Japan and other countries. Read what critics say about MARCEL PROUST, awards and funders who made PROUST possible.

To order MARCEL PROUST, contact Films Media Group or phone 1-800-322-8755.