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SPEED SKATE – In Post Production
A co-production of Stone Lantern Films and Hunt Avenue Productions.

Never having laid eyes on snow, let alone an ice rink, Maame, 12, moved to the United States from Ghana with her father, Kweku Biney four years ago. Since then, she has become a nationally ranked speed skater. Aaron Heo is the adorable young son of a Korean immigrant who runs a car repair business in Philadelphia. The whole family makes a three-hour commute so he can train with Kim Dong Sung, a revered and hard driving gold medalist now coaching in the U.S.

These are just two of the children featured in SPEED SKATE, a one-hour documentary that profiles children from varying incomes and backgrounds, who have chosen speed skating as a way to define themselves and achieve success. The film looks at why these kids push themselves, how they manage their parents’ – and coaches’ -- intense desire for them to be champions, and the roiling culture clashes between skaters of different nationalities and backgrounds -- all hyphenated Americans, seeking to change the parameters of who can win in this stunningly fast, yet graceful sport.